About The Founder

About the Founder

Meet Genesis Quinones, the visionary Afro-Latina entrepreneur who is making waves in the health and wellness industry with a passion for Sea moss.
With a heart deeply connected to her roots Genesis has always been drawn to the healing traditions passed down through generations. Her love for sea moss, a time-honored remedy in many Caribbean households, inspired her to embark on a mission to share its transformative benefits with the world.

As the founder of Majestic Minerals, she has carved a niche in the market by offering meticulously crafted sea moss products that honor tradition while embracing modern wellness trends. Her commitment to authenticity is reflected in the raw, unprocessed nature of her sea moss gels, capturing the essence of the ocean and delivering it straight to her customers.

Beyond the business, Genesis Quinones is a vocal advocate for wellness within the Seamoss community. Through pitch competitions, speaking engagements, and community outreach, she empowers others to embrace their cultural heritage and prioritize holistic well-being. Her entrepreneurial journey is not just about building a brand; it's about fostering a movement that celebrates self-care rooted in cultural richness.
Driven by a fusion of heritage and innovation, Genesis Quinones is not only a successful businesswoman but a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Her story is a testament to the power of embracing one's identity and creating positive change through a deep connection to culture and wellness.

Join Genesis Quinones on this empowering journey as she continues to redefine standards, one jar of sea moss gel at a time, proving that the intersection of Afro-Latina heritage and entrepreneurial spirit is a force to be reckoned with.

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